Parker: Your Interactive Teddy Bear (Original Box)
Parker: Your Interactive Teddy Bear is all about doctor play. Play with the Parker app or play with Parker and the doctor toolset on its own. Both are great ways to play.
Parker: Your Interactive Teddy Bear. Practice helping Parker feel better by taking Parker's temperature at the Doctor's office.
Parker: Your Interactive Bear is a great way to play Doctor. Setting up a doctor's office is easy with Parker's tools and will help your child role play the doctor's office experience.
Parker: Your Interactive Teddy Bear. Playing with the Parker app is all about caring and helping Parker feel better.

Parker: Your Interactive Teddy Bear (Original Box)


Meet Parker, Your Interactive Teddy Bear.

Take a classic teddy bear, your mobile device, and unlock a whole new way to play. Parker activates augmented reality effects to create an interactive world of doctor play. Parker is all soft and plush. No batteries. No Wifi. No Camera. Simply download the free Parker App in the iOS App Store and reimagine the world around you. Please note, the Parker app is available for iPhone & iPad only


More about Parker: Doctor Play Develops Empathy

Help your new friend feel better. Cure a tummy bug, cool a fever, and take Parker’s temperature with the special thermometer. Use your mobile device to examine Parker’s bones, soothe a scratchy throat, and much more.

Magical Effects in Everyday Spaces

The more you care for Parker, the more magical your world becomes. Watch Parker’s Happiness Factor go up each time you cure an ailment, solve a problem, or complete a game, then use the magic camera feature to see how Parker’s happiness transforms the world around you with Augmented Reality effects.

Games and Puzzles

Caring for Parker unlocks new ways to play together. Connect the dots, take photos together, create works of art and more. Discover new problems to solve and games to play.


Parker is a STEAM toy, offering children a multidimensional way to learn and play with this innovative smart bear.

  • Science: Teaches basic biology through in-app doctor play.
  • Technology: Develops Digital Literacy and explores the magic of Augmented Reality
  • Engineering: Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Encourages empathy
  • Arts: Create drawings, connect the dots and even design your own bandage
  • Math: Solve puzzles, play games

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

You can see a list of compatible devices here

Parker promotes creative confidence, problem-solving skills, creative and imaginative play. 

How to Clean Parker 

Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water and tumble dry low. Or, spot clean as needed with a damp, cloth and mild detergent. 

Find more information about Parker the Bear and the Parker app here.

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